To make a reservation please fill out the medical statement and liability wavier and send them in with your deposit of $1,500. Please note that $1000 of your deposit will be non-refundable. E mail me for the forms.The Bespoke tours I give you are unique and require your committment. These are NOT group tours.


Regarding cancellations for any reason, no refunds will be given 40 days before the pilgrimage start date.


You are urged to get travel insurance and consult with a travel physician for recommended health information. Ask you doctor how to remedy any issues that may come up when traveling


Tara is acting as your pilgrimage coordinator only, with regard to itinerary, transportation, and accommodations. She will, of course, exercise every possible care for your safety, but cannot be held responsible for personal injury, property damage, or inconvenience caused by the air carriers or the suppliers of any services being offered on the pilgrimage. She is not responsible for delays, accidents, or changes that occur due to events beyond control It is her pleasure to be your tour leader and will be with you for the designated pilgrimage dates while in India. Any departures from the itinerary for any reason will be the sole responsibility of the guest. For the safety of yourself and others please follow the direction of your tour guide.


 To stay at the SRF/YSS ashrams you must be enrolled or applied to recieve the weekly lessons from Enrollment will give you an appreciation of the teachings and make your ashram stay a deeper experience. 


Tour Costs

  • TOUR COST INCLUDES: Personal consultations for trip preparation in person or email and phone. Also included while in India: Hotel accommodations, breakfast, entry fees, and transportation in India. 
  • TOUR COST DOES NOT NOT INCLUDE: International Air. Tour prices are based on seasonal market value. Prices are subject to change without notice.
  • ALSO NOT INCLUDED: Travel insurance, passport-visa fees, any departure from the itinerary, any medical or emergency care, personal gratuity, personal expenses as extra temple ashram donations, laundry, internet, gifts, medicines, etc and any other expenses not specified as included in the nature above.


 Ashrams & India can be challenging. It is a beautiful country but has the duality of poverty on many levels. During our day we may visit the ashrams, have meditations in Master's sacred shrines and take in the cultural surroundings. We than retire after a busy day to relax and unwind from the din of India in Safe, Beautiful Hotels. These tours are priced individually and created as an exclusive itinerary with you. Deposit required for Itinerary.

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