A Little Info about (Taraji) & Roam with OM 

My Love of India started when I was 16! That’s when I became a member of Self Realization Fellowship

I have always been an Indiana Jones kind of girl.

Before and after all my India journeys I consult Dr. Thomas Parker formerly of Polestar Devotional Tours for his expertise, always striving to improve the travel experience in the ever changing continent of INDIA.

In February of 2016 Dr. Thomas Parker embarked on a 30 day journey his 33rd trip to India with me. (it might be more than 33!) What a privilege

In 2010 I took the Shivananda Yoga Teacher Training living in Netala, the Himalayan foothills near Gangotri a northern Char Dham, of India.

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My favorite quote from Paramahansa Yoganandaji  is: “Plan your life, map out the path of your desires, that they lead to peace-yielding, mind-satisfying goals.”– from The Wine of the Mystic, by Paramahansa Yogananda.

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