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 Journeys India : Sacred Shrines, Art and Culture

Oberi Hotels


Oberi Hotels

SACRED SHRINES: Art and Culture  


 Welcome to INDIA!

I make the India experience an easy journey for our small tour (7 max or your private party) to the best hotels of India. The video here is from our 2016 winter trip. You get a little glimpse of the journey.This was a pilgrimage trip to the sacred shrines of Paramahansa Yogananda with our special guest Dr.Thomas Parker who started these journeys to India 37 years ago. 

As this trip is for you, it is designed and to use the word Bespoke:made especially for you. Safe great hotels make the difference in an amazing trip. I have cultivated a great relationship with all the safe beautiful top hotels we stay in creating a great guest experience.

 The 14 day Journey includes all transportation in India, flights, hotels, private cars, and breakfast. The arts and culture trip is a discovery in arcitecture and sacred geometry, visiting UNESCO World Heritage sites, museums and shoping in the cultural exchange. Experience ancient temples, Ellora caves, past civilizations and the new world that is India. My tours have an  enthusiasm for the ancient, vanishing arcitecture and archeology and art, my passion. Our trip begins in Bombay, (Mumbai), at the Taj Mahal Palace Hotel and see the Gateway of India monument from our room. Relax at the pool to gather from the long plane ride. The spa treatments here are helpful for jetlag I recomend them. This is a trip to take care of yourself and enjoy the present moment.

Pilgrimage tour: Shrines of Paramahansa Yogananda:The Autobiography of a Yogi Tour. The only book Steve Jobs had on his  ipad. Up the Raniket Nanital mountain in Dwarahat for Mahavatar Babajis cave,experience the Dwarahat ashram-a lovely little hamlet truly blessed with saints, sages and Avatars. Flights to the cities include but not limited to:PURI BOMBAY BENARES CALCUTTA DAKSHINESWAR and more from the pages of this classic. Small private tour.  

Whatever journey you choose we meet with Dr. Parasar Banerjee in Juhu Beach, Mumbai at the lovely Marriott hotel. Dr. Parasar is Dr. Parkers friend and vedic astologer for 30 years. I always look forwrd to seeing him again, he presrcibes the correct jewels, stones, for your earthly challenges. If you have seen the movie Awake, he told John Grimstead 10 years before the movie came out that he would change the lives of millions. Later, John produced the movie "Awake". This is a great trip, join me.

Atithi Devo Bhava!

14 day Journey $9,000.

Happy Safe Blessed Journey

Simione Messier,(Tara) Encinta, California