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 Sacred Journeys in India

Oberi Hotels


Oberi Hotels


Transparency in Travel:

 If you have never been through India than you are in for the trip of your life. India is not an easy journey, and, saying that, you dont have to suffer through the experience either. I have done this enough to bring the best of the India experience for our trip to you. If you love the ashram experience, than this tour is not for you. Having said that, we visit the ashrams and shrines in the day and they are lovely in essence, but at most, are challenging for westerners. 

 I bring our small tour (just 4 max or your private party) to the best hotels of India. The video here is from our 2016 winter trip. You get a little glimpse of the journey. As this trip is for you, it is designed and to use the word Bespoke:made especially for you. Safe great hotels make the difference in an amazing trip.

 The 17 day Journey includes all transportation in India, flights, hotels, private cars, and breakfast. We take only one train, to Dwarahat for Mahavatar Babajis cave and experience the Dwarahat ashram. Its a lovely little hamlet truly blessed with saints, sages and Avatars.

Compare prices with the New York Times, Times Journeys, a 13 day journey with 28 guests is from $9,900. 

My 17 day journey with 4 guests is from $9,000.

Happy safe blessed journey

"Tara" Simione Messier